This program is for highly committed people only


Do not join the program unless you commit to the following:

  • Text Yossi everything you eat
  • Memorize the diet rules
  • Memorize your food plan or have it handy at your appointments
  • Take notes during follow-up sessions as needed
  • No drinking any diet (or regular) sodas, Snapple, Crystal Lite or any other sweetened drink
  • Complete our podcast within 3 months & the online course within 6 months (no charge).
  • Do not miss an appointment
  • Download or print the Jewish calendar guidelines 2 weeks before every holiday, fast day, and the 9 days.
  • You agree to switch to maintenance if Yossi says you have already lost enough weight.
  • Have weekly sessions for at least some of maintenance.
  • Once done with the program, text your weight once a week for 16 weeks (no charge).
Yossi Muller, RD Nutritionist
Yossi Muller, RD Nutritionist