Fage Plain Greek Yogurt (OU-D)

Product Ratings

Overall Importance: 3/10
Flavor Popularity: 4/10
Travel Friendly: 2/10
Easy to Find: 4/10
Most Dietetic: 7/10
Kashrus Standard:

Lean Protein Diet: Yes
New to the Program: No


Plain Greek yogurt has many uses. While not popular as a stand-alone item, especially when compared to flavored yogurts, plain yogurt can be combined with other foods. It can be mixed with fruit or used in a smoothie with fruit and water. You can use it instead of sour cream on potatoes or as an ingredient for pasta. Fage brand in particular, tastes amazing when used as part of a savory dish. For people on maintenance, who are not reducing calories significantly but living a healthy lifestyle, Fage yogurt can be added to pretty much any dish containing melted cheese (pasta with cheese, eggplant parmesan, grilled cheese, etc.). This way, you can have delicious foods with melted cheese just like the good old days, and balance the meal with protein.

Where to Find

Non-Jewish supermarkets, such as ShopRite.

Diet Guidelines

Classic Diet: Can be eaten with a fruit or in a smoothie for breakfast, or as a dinner side in place of sour cream. Lean Protein Diet: Group 3.