Gold’s Horseradish and Beets 

Product Ratings

Overall Importance: 1/10
Flavor Popularity: 2/10
Travel Friendly: 2/10
Easy to Find: 6/10
Most Dietetic: 9/10
Kashrus Standard:

Lean Protein Diet: Yes
New to the Program: No


The only unsweetened horseradish and beets (chrain) that we know of. There are versions without sugar, but they contain artificial sweeteners. Depending on the context, the sweetened versions can be okay, but the unsweetened version we know is always a free item (you don't have to worry about the context, measurements, etc.)

Where to Find

Certain larger Jewish supermarkets, including non-Jewish supermarkets, such as ShopRite.

Diet Guidelines

Free at all times, regardless of your diet plan.