Liquid Egg Whites 

Product Ratings

Overall Importance: 4/10
Flavor Popularity: 2/10
Travel Friendly: 2/10
Easy to Find: 6/10
Most Dietetic: 9/10
Kashrus Standard:

Lean Protein Diet: Yes
New to the Program: No


Egg whites are the best source of protein. They have no fat or cholesterol, and are very low calorie. This product is convenient because not everyone has the patience to separate yolks. You can use them in omelets, kugels, muffins, quiches, crepes, blended soups, ground chicken patties, or as fillers for almost any food. Don't be fooled; this is not a processed food. They are pure egg whites. \

Where to Find

Certain larger Jewish supermarkets, including non-Jewish supermarkets, such as ShopRite.

Diet Guidelines

Classic Diet: Typically part of a breakfast or as an ingredient in one of many types of food. Lean Protein Diet: Group 1.