Schmidt’s 647 Bread

Product Ratings

Overall Importance: 5/10
Flavor Popularity: 10/10
Travel Friendly: 6/10
Easy to Find: 4/10
Most Dietetic: 5/10
Kashrus Standard:

Lean Protein Diet: No
New to the Program: No


This company's bread allows you to have white bread that is nutritionally similar to whole wheat bread. One slice is only 40 calories, allowing for more slices of bread. They also have 80-calorie hamburger buns which might allow for a dinner hamburger bun option.

Where to Find

Non-Jewish supermarkets, such as ShopRite, Walmart, and ACME. Health food websites such as

Diet Guidelines

Classic Diet: 3 slices of 40-calorie bread count as 2 ww breads. An 80-calorie bun count as a dinner side.