Canceling Your Membership

You may cancel your membership at any time by clicking on the "Cancel Membership" button in any membership-related email you received.  Then click the “Cancel” button in the top right corner.  (To find membership-related emails, it may help to search your inbox for “successful payment” or "product order").  When canceled, you will still be entitled to whatever appointments you have left.  You just won't be given a new set of four appointments the next month.  A membership doesn't end until you cancel it.

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You cannot cancel a membership from this website. This website just provides instructions for how to cancel. The only way to cancel is from a specific email you received.

A membership doesn't end until you cancel it.

Only cancel a membership if you are sure you want to stop. Once you cancel, it may be difficult or even impossible to restart. Restarting presents the following issues:

  • All the slots may be taken.
  • There may be some slots available, but none of the slots work for you.
  • There is a setup fee.