System Reserving Appointments

Note: If you cannot get all 4 appointments in any given month because of Jewish holiday interference, CLICK HERE

A membership entitles you to weekly appointments, four appointments when you sign up, and a new set of four appointments every month forward until you cancel. It is very important to us that the appointment slot you have is available to you as long as you are on the program. We want to protect you from someone else taking your slot.

We created a system to protect you from losing your appointment slot. (Note: This system is only for memberships purchased after Pesach 2020).

The system works as follows: When you book appointments, the system reserves appointments for you for the next month. The system reserves appointments for you at the same time and day as the appointments you booked yourself. When your membership renews, the system then converts the reserved appointments for you into actual appointments. This ensures that someone else does not take your slot. It takes up to one day to take effect, so when your membership renews, don't worry if the system did not immediately convert your reservations into actual appointments.

There will be times when the system cannot reserve appointments for you because that slot is not available the next month for one or more weeks. (An example of this is when your usual appointment slot falls out on a Jewish holiday). When the system cannot reserve one or more of your appointments, you will be notified ahead of time, so you can be prepared to schedule those appointments once your membership renews. (To schedule an appointment, click on the "schedule" button at the bottom of any membership-related email you received).

When your membership renews, do not go ahead of the system and schedule appointments. If you do, you will interfere with the system, and the system will not convert your reserved appointments into actual appointments. The reserved appointments will be canceled. If you do not like your reserved appointment slot, you can reschedule it only once it gets changed into an actual appointment.